Calculation classes

class aiida_tbmodels.calculations.eigenvals.EigenvalsCalculation(**kwargs)

Calculation class for the ‘tbmodels eigenvals’ command, which computes the eigenvalues from a given tight-binding model.

class aiida_tbmodels.calculations.parse.ParseCalculation(**kwargs)

Calculation plugin for the ‘tbmodels parse’ command, which creates a TBmodels tight-binding model from the Wannier90 output.

class aiida_tbmodels.calculations.slice.SliceCalculation(**kwargs)

Calculation plugin for the ‘tbmodels slice’ command, which re-orders or slices orbitals of a tight-binding model.

class aiida_tbmodels.calculations.symmetrize.SymmetrizeCalculation(**kwargs)

Calculation class for the ‘tbmodels symmetrize’ command, which creates a symmetrized tight-binding model from a tight-binding model and symmetry representations.

Parser class

class aiida_tbmodels.parsers.model.ModelParser(calc)

Parse TBmodels output to a SinglefileData containing the model file.